About Us

Barbara Ward

Owner Director

I have been in the Cosmetology profession for over 50 years. I have been a Cosmetology Instructor for more than 40 years and I have been the Owner/Director of the Arkansas Beauty College since 1982.

Debbie Deckard


I have been in the Cosmetology profession for 33 years. I have worked, owned and operated a salon for 17 years.  I have been an instructor for 17 years.

Brandy Pitts


I have worked in the Cosmetology profession for 29 years. I have been an Instructor for 13 years.

Linda Prim


I have been in the Cosmetology profession for 41 years. I have been an instructor for 38 years.

Vicky Clowers


I have been in the Cosmetology Profession for 24 years. I have worked in a salon for 2 1/2 years. I have been employed at the Arkansas Beauty College for 21 1/2 years as an Instructor.

Tamee Runion

Financial Aid Advisor

I have worked in the Administrative Business field for more than 20 years. Since August of 2022 I have joined Arkansas Beauty College as their Financial Aid Advisor.

Arkansas Beauty College is dedicated to the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to acquire quality career-oriented education that will allow them to attain fulfilling and productive careers in the cosmetology field.

The College is committed to providing programs that deliver quality training within a convenient time frame. A.B.C. feels a deep responsibility to the students, parents and business community that they serve.

The College attempts to instill a similar sense of responsibility in our staff, students and alumni.

Our training will provide students with the confidence and skills to enter their new chosen career. In addition, we incorporate both professional and personal development into our programs to help our students achieve a lifetime of success.

Arkansas Beauty College was established in 1962 to provide the necessary training and instruction to create qualified cosmetologists.

It was located on Main Street in an upstairs area in downtown Russellville, AR. At some point in time, it was moved to 201 North Commerce and was owned by Louise Butler.

On September 1, 1983, Mrs. Barbara Ward became the new owner and the college remained at this location until 1986.

At this time the school was moved to a new location at 109 North Commerce, with all new facilities, designed to accommodate 96 students.

We recently remodeled again in 2016. We are still in this location today, Historical Downtown Russellville!

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Reviews From Our Students

Kristy Reneé Thompson

I had a fantastic time going back to school!! I learned so much and had the time of my life. Nails is my passion and Arkansas Beauty College gave me the knowledge and skill to become a Nail Tech!! They have awesome instructors that care about where your new career can take you!

Kacie Marshall

Arkansas Beauty College is excellent in my opinion. They have excellent skills and experience and they love their job. ive learned alot and I appreciate everyone at the Arkansas beauty school!! Love you guys

Kirk Ward

Well after being established for well over 50yrs, it's no wonder that this is one of the best schools with the best turnout of successful cosmetologists. I also love the latest remodel of the school. It looks wonderful. Keep up the good work, and congratulations to the latest graduates.

Jim Larrison

I loved it hands down. Awesome instructors and team. They are very hands on. And they're willing to drop what that r doing just to help out a student. I'm hoping one day I'll become an instructor.